RENOVA-StroyGroup visits BASF HQ

A delegation of RENOVA-StroyGroup officials headed by President Veniamin Golubitskiy visited the chemical concern’s headquarters in Ludwigshafen upon the invitation of the company’s Board.

The two enterprises actually signed a partnership intentions agreement on July 15, 2010; this was done within the framework of Saint Petersburg Dialogue intergovernmental counseling session in Yekaterinburg.

Besides, the first building fitted with BASF’s Neopor thermal insulation panels has already been put up in Yekaterinburg’s Academic district. Now Neopor insulation is a sound economic and environmental alternative to its conventional counterparts: for one, it can minimize energy spending by 50% against that in non-insulated buildings. Neopor provides its consumer with comfortable, warm dwellings at a low price and with a minimum environmental impact.

The bilateral negotiations in Ludwigshafen touched upon the practical points of the current strategic agreement.

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