Sverdlovsk Duma deputies go back to Parliament building in Chechnya

‘We’ve come back to the Parliament by now. Roman Kadyrov arrived at the scene to apologize for the incident; so did the Minister of Internal Affairs, too,’ Sverdlovsk Region Duma deputy Igor Danilov told UrBC.

An act of terror was committed in the Parliament building in Chechnya this morning. A suicide bomber killed himself, while three more terrorists managed to enter the building. The special police forces locked down the site where Sverdlovsk Duma deputies Igor Danilov, Anatoly Sukhov, and Askhat Masayev were present at that moment. The officials arrived in Chechnya on a visit; they were safely relocated to the nearest police station.

‘The building is being rapidly restored now. Nothing has changed as far as our plans are concerned: we intend to meet the Head of Chechen Government and the Health and Culture ministers,’ Danilov said.

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