Uralfinprombank gets new owners

27 September 2010 (09:30)

OAO Uralfinprombank got a brand new set of stockholders recently. The bank’s new proprietors are Natalya Pronina (17.08%), Vitaliy Kunitsin (16.47%), Rustem Kadyrov (15.62%), Alexander Dankov (17%), Svetlana Belova (14.91%), and Andrei Belov (18.92%), the company’s official report states.

At the same time, members of the Supervisory Board Stanislav Shanaurin and Tamara Udelnova, who used to have 4.72% and 0.33% of shares, respectively, no longer have a share in the bank’s authorized capital. The same is true of BOD members Sergey Udelniy and Valeriy Metelskiy, whose shareholdings used to come to 0.67% and 2.09%, respectively. In addition, BOD and Supervisory Board member, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and President Stanislav Zharkov, who used to own a 0.84% shareholding, BOD Chairman Ildar Gubayev, who used to own an 18.92% shareholding, Maryam Tulaykova, who used to own a 14.91% shareholding, Anna Metelskaya, who used to own an 8.35% shareholding, Yuri Legalov, who used to own a 16.47% shareholding, Elena Levkina, who used to own a 14.91% shareholding, and Fatykh Gubayev, who used to own a 6.13% shareholding, are no longer the bank’s stockholders.

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