Court looks into UIC Bank’s case

15 December 2009 (11:26)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court began the hearing of the claim laid by the Bank of Russia’s Main Division in Sverdlovsk Region (on behalf of the Central Bank of Russia as a whole) against Ural Innovational Commercial Bank (UIC Bank) and Alexei Bagaryakov, Galina Devonina, and Nadezhda Zykova. The claim is related to how the defendants applied the consequences stemming from the invalidity of some legal transactions.

According to the bank’s official website, Galina Devonina owns a 19.9% shareholding in the bank’s authorized capital and Nadezhda Zykova owns a 5.1% shareholding. Alexei Bagaryakov is the person responsible for electing the sole executive body and 50% of the Supervisory Board’s members.

The preliminary court hearing was scheduled for December 14, 2009.

As a matter of fact, this is not the only claim the bank has been involved in lately. For one, the court keeps handling the claim laid against UIC Bank and Leonid Itskov by Mikhail Maksimov, the local entrepreneur. The plaintiff insists that he has the right to a 12.5% shareholding in the bank’s authorized capital. Such a share would amount to about 5.3 million RUR.

Now the bank got many new proprietors in July 2009. According to the bank’s July website data, Leonid Itskov then owned a 7.52% shareholding in the bank.

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