French architects to learn from Academic

Two French architects applied to Yekaterinburg city council, asking for help on their noteworthy project – a description of cities and districts that have proved the most advanced in the environmental and urban development aspects.

In Russia, the architects were enticed by Yekaterinburg’s new Academic district. Besides, they are planning to visit and report on Shanghai, Vancouver, South Korea’s Songdu, and Japan’s Kitakyushu. The main idea behind these trips is to see, comprehend, and analyze each urban project and to share the experience. Upon the completion of the tour, a report on the architects’ travels will be presented in France.

According to RENOVA-StroyGroup’s representative, the company is willing to support the European researchers in every way.

As a matter of fact, the Academic Project recently came first in the Russian tour of FIABCI Prix d'Excellence in the Master Plan category. The contest is one of the world’s most prestigious real estate competitions run by FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation) since 1992. The contest is aimed at finding the best buildings and defining the realty market’s development trends.

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