Court rules MRSK Urala and RSK collude

17 September 2010 (09:55)

The court of appeals supported the ruling pronounced by Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service regarding MRSK Urala, the interregional electricity network distribution company, and RSK, the regional network distribution company. The two distributors had been accused of colluding, the FAS’s press service reports.

FAS’s Sverdlovsk Region division declared on October 9, 2009 that MRSK Urala and RSK had violated Article 11 (part 1, paragraph 5) of the Competition Protection Law. The offense consisted in the two companies colluding in such a way that unfavorable electricity network access terms were inflicted upon RSK’s customers. What is more, the terms on which the latter agreed to provide them with electricity included having to pay for the technical connection of RSK’s facilities to those of the adjacent electricity network distributor.

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