Court rules against MRSK Urala and RSK

20 July 2010 (09:26)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court supported the ruling of the Federal Antimonopoly Service’s Sverdlovsk Region division regarding OAO MRSK Urala and OAO RSK as valid and legal, the spokesperson for the FAS’s Sverdlovsk Region division reports.

The division declared on September 9, 2009 that OAO MRSK Ural and OAO RSK violated Article 11 (part 1, paragraph 5) of the Competition Protection Act.

‘The offense consisted in the two companies colluding in such a way which resulted in inflicting disadvantageous terms of access to RSK’s electricity network and electric power supply upon GSK-50. The latter was forced to pay for the technological connection of OAO RSK’s facilities to the network of the adjacent territorial network company OAO MRSK Urala,’ the antimonopoly service explains.

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