UBRD’s SME loans triple

Summertime is the traditional vacation period when all the business activity goes through a downfall of sorts. Nevertheless, these summer months have been special in that the gradual economic recovery and the increasing demand for goods and services made the business community feel more optimistic than usual. Now that borrowing money has grown cheaper it looks both possible and profitable. As a result, small and medium enterprises are taking out increasingly more bank loans.

‘We offered thrice as many loans to SMEs in August 2010 than we did at the beginning of the summer, and the demand for our loans keeps going up. Besides, our financing options are expanding alongside with the companies’ growing need to borrow. A business can now solve its problems by taking out a loan from us without having to worry about guarantees. What’s more, to make sure companies get the best deal on machinery purchases, we have updated our leasing solutions and offered small and medium enterprises appealing terms on investment loans meant for buying a company car or some commercial realty,’ says the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Business Offers Director Elena Sorvina.

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