Foreign trade turnover rises due to Kazakhstan and Ukraine

10 August 2010 (14:12)

The foreign trade turnover in the Ural Customs area rose due to 31.8% and 94.5% more goods being exported to Kazakstan and Ukraine, respectively. In addition, 116.2% and 55.5% more goods were also imported from Kazakhstan and Ukraine, respectively. On the other hand, the export of goods to Uzbekistan went down by 9.1%, the Ural Customs Administration’s press officer reports. .
In the first half of 2010, machines, equipment, and vehicles were the major import articles in Ural Federal District; these goods made up 33.7% of the total imported goods volume. 30.1% of all the goods imported was comprised by mineral commodities, 6.9% was constituted by chemical industry’s produce and India rubber. The shares of foods, of textiles and footwear, of timber and pulp, of rawhide and furs, and of other items in the total import volume came to 4.9%. 2.6%, 1%, 0.2%, and 1.9%, respectively.
Consumer goods comprised 4.5% of all the good imported in the area in the first half of 2010.

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