Academic’s energy-saving expertise goes to Ural towns

Deputy Minister for Regional Development Yuri Osintsev visited Academic, Yekaterinburg’s newest district currently still under construction. The official came to the area to see the opening of the Energy Efficiency Center that is created for the exchange of energy-saving experience with the construction companies.

Yuri Osintsev spoke very favorably of the local developer’s energy-saving achievements and suggested that they should be introduced in the existing homes as well.

‘We’ll direct some extra money to the housing overhauls in Nizhniy Tagil, Asbest, and Pervouralsk to make sure these towns grow energy efficient thanks to your expertise,’ the Deputy Minister said.

Osintsev explained that to understand how much money is needed for each particular house, overhauls should involve different types of buildings, namely, sixteen-, nine-, and five-storey ones.

The government official suggested that the scientific advisor of Energy-Saving Institute Nikolai Danilov should supervise the project.

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