Yekaterinburg has 320 cars per 1,000 people

14 July 2010 (08:56)

445,000 automobiles are currently registered in Yekaterinburg, which is actually 37,000 more than one year ago. 94.4% of these cars belong to private individuals, says Vice Mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteev’s press secretary Ilona Starodubtseva.

Yekaterinburg’s most popular vehicles are Russian cars: their share in the total number of cars driven around the city comes to 38.8%. New foreign automobiles are the second most popular kind: their share comes to 35%. All in all, 54% of all the cars in Yekaterinburg are vehicles under ten years old.

It has been calculated that Yekaterinburg has over 320 cars per each 1,000 people. In Moscow, the figure comes to more than 340 cars.

Over 800 million RUR worth of automobiles were sold in Yekaterinburg in the first half of 2010; this was 62.5% worse than in the first half of 2009.

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