Yekaterinburg to get new consulates

9 July 2010 (08:56)

When the ambassadors of Mexico and Switzerland visited Yekaterinburg in preparation for InnoProm 2010 exhibition and forum, both of them said their countries would like to introduce the positions of their honorary consuls in Yekaterinburg. What is more, the position of the Slovak Republic’s honorary consul will be established in Yekaterinburg in the near future, Minister for International and Foreign Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Kharlov announced today.

‘The Mexican and Swiss consulates will be set up within eighteen months’ time, whereas the Slovac Republic’s consulate is to start operating in one and a half months,’ the Minister added.

In fact, the consulate of Azerbaijan was opened in Yekaterinburg as recently as May 2010. Besides, a representative of the Republic of Cyprus declared in mid-December that the country would like to establish the position of the honorary consul here.

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