Tyumen court to look into ‘businesswoman vs. banks’ case

The public prosecution authorities of Tyumen’s Central District placed all the papers necessary to consider the criminal lawsuit involving a 46-year-old businesswoman with the court. The defendant is charged with fraud, the authorities report.

The inquest team believes that between October 2005 and November 2007, the suspect persuaded two of her employees and five acquaintances to take out bank loans and to hand the money over to her so that she could develop her passenger motor transportation business. She deluded her (female) victims into believing that she would pay off the loans herself. Yet the entrepreneur did not keep her promises.

The accused is presumed to have done damage to banks Severnaya Kazna, Alfa-Bank, Uralsib, and AK BARS. The total damage is estimated at nearly 5 million RUR.

In the course of the investigation, the woman was charged with large-scale and extremely large-scale fraud (Article 159 (parts 3 and 4) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code).

Central District’s public prosecution authorities completed and confirmed the bill of indictment and placed all the files with Tyumen’s Central District Court for detailed consideration.

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