FAS looks into Heineken ads in Yekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service is to consider the case involving OOO Lotos II; the defendant is charged with violating Article 22 of the Federal Advertising Act through distribution of unlawful Heineken beer ads, the Service’s press officer Marina Yusupova reports.

‘Yekaterinburg parents committee placed its claim against OOO Lotos II with Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. The committee is concerned about the illegitimate placement of Heineken beer advertisements above the entrance to Shtab bar, that is, within fifty meters of Sverdlovsk I.D. Schadr Art School. The plaintiff insists that this is a violation of the legal requirement that at least 100-meter distance be provided between an alcohol ad and an educational establishment. Besides, the advertisement does not contain any health warnings,’ Ms Yusupova explains.

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