Malyshevskiy emerald deposit might get flooded

9 June 2010 (09:07)

Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities held a meeting dedicated to preventing a possible emergency in Malyshevskiy municipality. The meeting was attended by Deputy Mayor of Malyshevskiy municipality, officers from Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Security Service, and representatives of ZAO Zelen Kamen and Kaliningrad amber plant.

It was determined that OOO Mariinskaya Holding Company, the former subsoil user of Malyshevskiy emerald and beryllium deposit, rented the deposit to ZAO Zelen Kamen. Now the latter is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, while the mine’s assets are used by Kaliningrad amber plant, the subtenant. The amber plant has got the necessary license allowing the company to produce emeralds.

Meanwhile, Mariinskaya Holding Company, the emerald mine owner, decided to cancel both the renting and the sub-lease agreements in a unilateral procedure.

Once the mine and its equipment are no longer used, the machinery meant for pumping ground water out of the mine will stop operating as well. This could result in the flooding of the mine buildings and the surrounding area, and in the destruction of the deposit itself.

The public prosecution authorities of Asbest were asked to make sure the representatives of OOO Mariinskaya Holding Company comply with all the existing legal requirements when managing the mine’s assets.

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