No plans to register Kaliningrad Amber Combine in Sverdlovsk Region, Industry Minister says

Kaliningrad Region’s Minister for Industrial Policy Dmitri Chemakin did not confirm the reports that Kaliningrad Amber Combine would be registered in Sverdlovsk Region, Komsomolskaya Pravda-Kaliningrad reports.

‘Certain rumors did reach me, but no official statements have been made so far,’ the Minister said.

‘The amber combine is owned by the federal authorities, so they are to have the last word in this case. The position of the Russian Federation Finance Ministry’s has not been announced yet. I cannot imagine how the combine might not be registered with us,’ Chemakin said.

Acting Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Anatoly Gredin said at a press meeting earlier that the beryllium and emerald producing enterprise located at Malyshevskoye deposit should be registered in Sverdlovsk Region to make sure their property tax goes to Sverdlovsk Region’s treasury.

Now Kaliningrad Amber Combine was the company to win a twenty-year license for developing the deposit.

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