Yamal’s flights to Bulgaria uncertain

31 May 2010 (09:17)

UrBC found out recently that the chartered flights operated by Yamal Airlines from Yekaterinburg to Bulgaria are in danger of being called off. Apparently, the problem came up because the company’s management neglects the existing rules and only informs Rosaviation of the upcoming flight at the last possible minute.

According to an official source, Yamal expects to operate fifteen chartered flights from Yekaterinburg to Burgas and a number of flights to Varna this year. These flights were ordered by Neva ad Capital Tour travel agents. At the moment, hundreds of travelers are uncertain about their holidays: they have already purchased a tour to Bulgaria but will probably find themselves unable to fly on the scheduled date. The first flight is to take place on May 31, 2010.

The source reports that Yamal Airlines’ top executives were perfectly aware of the fact that special permits had to be obtained prior to operating a chartered flight; however, they never received such permits. So, the future of ninety passengers who are to fly on May 31 is still unclear.

It is actually possible that once the passengers have boarded, the company representatives will start calling Rosaviation and insisting on being given the permission to fly; otherwise the passengers will be furious and dissatisfied, they might say. In this case, the airline is highly likely to be given a one-time permit; nevertheless, no other flights will be operated by Yamal Airlines from Yekaterinburg, which will jeopardize the vacations of hundreds of other people.

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