Ural Airlines’ passenger traffic goes up 39%

20 May 2010 (10:15)

In April 2010, Ural Airlines’ planes operated 1,050 flights (which was 34% better than in April 2009), including 595 domestic flights, 201 international flights, and 254 flights within the CIS. The carrier serviced 113,718 passengers (which was 39% more than in April 2009), of whom 61,172 people were on domestic flights, 27,702 people were on international flights, and 24,844 people were on flights operated within the CIS.

Once the global economies have started their gradual recovery, the number of Ural Airlines’ passengers soared dramatically in January-April 2010 compared with January-April 2009. The company transferred 399,048 passengers in four months of 2010, which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 39%. 224,722 people used the company’s domestic flights (this was 42% more than a year earlier), 103,087 people used the company’s international flights (which was 22% more than a year earlier), and 71,239 people used the company’s CIS flights (which was 62% more than a year earlier). 3,989 flights were operated by Ural Airlines in January-April 2010 altogether. This was 31% more than in the four months of 2009.

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