Pyshma logistics park popularity drops

‘Due to last year’s recession, our Pyshma logistics park’s occupancy rate dropped from 100% to 40%, or 80,000 sq m in 2009. We have only recently been able to raise this figure to 75%,’ Eurasia Logistic’s Commercial Director Sergey Vereschagin announced at this year’s Urals Logistics Conference.

‘As for our tenants, things have changed here as well. We used to let 50% of the available space to logistics operators in 2008; a year later, they only rented 35% of our space. In 2009, some of them had to reduce the amount of space rented, and some of them had to leave the market altogether. However, the operators whose service was really exceptional still have a good share of the market. Also, the share of space rented by manufacturers, retail traders, and distributors rose by 5% all in all, so now manufacturers rent about 15% of our storehouses, while retail traders and distributors rent 25% of storehouses each,’ Vereschagin added.

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