Nine land patches allotted for logistics centers in Yekaterinburg

13 April 2007 (13:32)

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel checked out all the sites meant for transportation and logistics centers in Yekaterinburg, Verknyaya Pyshma, and Berezovskiy on April 11, 2007, reports the spokesperson for the Governor. These centers are crucial to Yekaterinburg since the city is located at the intersection of Russia’s major transportation routes. The Governor believes if the number of modern storehouses went up dramatically in the next two or three years, all of the country’s freight flows would go through Sverdlovsk Region; this is why the region needs several terminals.

Eurasia Logistic is now putting up a logo-park known as Pyshma in the village of Sadoviy next to Verknyaya Pyshma. The area of the park is estimated at more than 280,000 square meters, with the first 86,000 square meters to be commissioned in August 2008. The whole terminal will be fully operating in 2009.

Two terminals will emerge near Berezovskiy and in Koltsovo airport (the first 20,000 square-meter section will start operating at the beginning of 2008).

Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteev says nine land patches have been allotted for logistics centers in the city, with 60,000 square meters worth of terminals to be launched this year and 120,000 square meters next year.

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