Governor Misharin to deal with AMUR car factory

6 April 2010 (09:19)

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin took part in the meeting of an ad hoc recession-fighting committee under Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District.

The agenda of the meeting covered issues related to the local job market, the need to pay off the wage arrears, and the future of the district’s housing construction market.

Governor Misharin reported the number of the unemployed in Sverdlovsk Region had gone down by 2,544 people; however, the number of available jobs had also dropped by 827 vacancies. Nevertheless, over 1,250 new jobs had been created over the previous week under the regional employment schemes and 739 jobs were created within the framework of the local investment projects.

At the moment, 46,500 regional dwellers are working part-time; 70 people employed by ten different enterprises were made redundant last week, and three more companies announced upcoming large-scale layoffs. These companies are OPKh Pyshminskoye, Sinara Pipe Plant, and Forest.

Three regional businesses owe wages to their workers: Novouralsk-based AMUR car factory, with its 23 million RUR worth of wage arrears, Drill Pipe Plant, and OOO Norvud.

As far as AMUR is concerned, Sverdlovsk Region Government intends to have a serious conversation with the car factory’s owners, as all the deadlines for meeting their obligations have already been missed.

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