AMUR’s output quarters

24 July 2009 (10:18)

The last meeting of the governmental committee for support of Sverdlovsk Region’s enterprises was devoted to the situation at AMUR car factory.

It was reported that the factory’s wage arrears reached 55.9 million RUR on July 1, 2009, which comes to about 30% of all such debts within Sverdlovsk Region.

‘Even though the enterprise is functional and has every chance to reach a good production level, its socioeconomic status is actually on the verge of collapse. The company’s manufacturing production output was reduced to one-quarter of its original volume in the first half of the year, whereas its accounts payable exceed the accounts receivable by over eight times. The factory employs 1,099 people, of whom 74 are on unpaid leaves, 168 people are just kept idle, and 448 workers work a shortened week,’ said Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Viktor Koksharov.

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