Evraz Group not ready to pay much in taxes

2 April 2010 (14:26)

Evraz Group’s management is not ready to guarantee that the taxes the company is to pay to Sverdlovsk Region’s budget will be in any way comparable with those paid before the start of the recession, the holding’s representatives announced in the course of a videoconference.

‘Last year, Evraz’s Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises paid about 7 billion RUR in taxes, including some 3.2 billion RUR transferred to the region’s budget. The councils of towns where the enterprises are based received over 800 million RUR, including 643 million RUR directed to the budget of Nizhniy Tagil. This year, Nizhniy Tagil will definitely receive at least as much as in 2009; however, I’m not quite prepared to speak of exact figures,’ says Evraz Group’s Vice President Dmitriy Sotnikov.

All in all, the unfavorable market opportunities, the plummeting prices and dropping demand for metal goods have certainly led to Evraz paying less in taxes last year than in the year 2008.

Dmitriy Sotnikov said the company’s tax revenues would largely depend on the situation on the global market.

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