Bank Koltso Urala offers overdraft to GM

General Motors’ newest makes will soon hit Yekaterinburg thanks to OOO Commercial Bank Koltso Urala’s efforts. The bank offered Autobahn-Zapad (GM’s official dealer) an overdraft.

The dealer is going to use the money to buy the latest automobile makes, says the bank’s Business Customer Director Ekaterina Nikitina.

‘Cooperating with car dealers is a common thing for our bank. Apart from this particular company, we offer our loans to a few other large local car retailers and thus participate indirectly in the lives of local dwellers, who get a chance to buy the newest models on the market,’ she adds.

Autobahn-Zapad’s General Director Ilya Bartenev says the mutually beneficial cooperation between their two large and respectable businesses is bound to result in good quality, productive work that will benefit Yekaterinburg citizens.

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