Koltsovo Airport accused of compulsory insurance

17 March 2010 (12:11)

Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities for transportation looked into the activity of Yekaterinburg-based Koltsovo Airport after they had received a multi-authored petition from customers who felt the airport’s booking offices violated their rights when making them pay for the accident insurance alongside with the ticket to Moscow, the spokesperson for the authorities reports.

The investigation made it clear that under the agency agreement existing between OAO Voyenno-Strakhovaya Kompaniya (an insurer) and Koltsovo, the airport was to attract customers for the accident insurance policies, to write out these policies and give them to the customers, and to accept their money. However, when tickets were sold at the airport’s terminal A, the passengers were not explained that the insurance was not optional. This actually violates the federal regulations, as the money for the insurance was not given voluntarily but was charged in a mandatory way.

Following the investigation, the airport’s General Director was ordered to eliminate the violations of the consumer rights protection law and the airport’s Passenger Sales Agency Director had to face disciplinary liability.

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