Koltsovo Airport customs accused of legal offense

23 July 2009 (10:26)

Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities for transportation carried out an inspection of Koltsovo Airport customs. The inspection was aimed at checking the customs’ compliance with the anti-bribery legislation. As a result of this check, numerous violations of the Federal Act on the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation were detected.

For instance, a number of civil servants violated the existing regulations on income and property declarations when submitting their declarations for 2008. Some of them failed to indicate that they owned some real estate and vehicles as well as diminished the amount of income made in their workplace. What is more, one of Koltsovo Airport customs officers became one of the founders of a private commercial enterprise.

Following this investigation, the head of Koltsovo Airport customs was ordered by Sverdlovsk Region’s General Prosecutor for transportation to eliminate the detected violations. Also, eight customs executives had to face disciplinary liability.

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