Car centers don’t use land allotments

5 March 2010 (11:39)

‘The share of Russian cars on the Russian automobile market comes to 38.8%, the share of new foreign cars is 35%, the share of foreign cars assembled in Russia comes to 13.6%, and the share of used foreign cars comes to 12.6%. Also, about 54% of cars on our roads are under ten years old and the remaining 46% of automobiles are over ten years old. As for Yekaterinburg, there are 320 cars per 1,000 dwellers,’ Chair of Yekaterinburg Commodities Market Committee Elena Chernysheva announced at a meeting with the heads of local automobile businesses.

‘Last year, one local car center had to close down and two more were unable to sign or renew their dealing contracts. All in all, we have provided the companies with forty-eight land allotments for putting up new show rooms, but only three of them are actually being used at the moment. As for the year 2010, we expect to see the new show rooms opened by BMW, Infiniti, and Lucky Motors. The other forty-five allotments are either empty or have half-finished buildings on them,’ Elena Chernysheva noted.

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