’s e-services unreliable again

The e-customers of have been once again faced with the bank’s poor online performance: they couldn’t perform a single transaction, as the service denied private individuals any access to the resource. The denial was explained by preventive maintenance operations, even though the bank never informed its customers about these operations beforehand.

Some of the unhappy customers comment on this via E1 forum:

‘There is nothing about the preventive maintenance in the news, so this must be something done on a regular basis and under a schedule, then? I would like my bank to be predictable, I need e-banking to make the payments whenever and wherever I want, so anything unexpected on the bank’s part, be it preventive maintenance or even a new password, is certainly a pain in the neck,’ says a user named epv.

‘The thing I’m most annoyed about is that the bank never gives you a warning in advance. Dear bank, why don’t you send out text messages informing your customers about upcoming or ongoing maintenance operations and let the customer choose whether they want to receive such messages or not. I’m sick and tired of this unpredictability. Why does my Internet provider let me know by e-mail what its plans are, and my bank, which is a more important organization, doesn’t?’ asks a user named Fyodor.

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