Alfa-Bank keeps only 20% of Bank Severnaya Kazna’s customers

18 February 2010 (10:49)

Over 24,000 business customers of Bank Severnaya Kazna refused to get transferred to Alfa-Bank. Alfa-Bank’s managers report that Bank Severnaya Kazna, which Alfa-Bank bought about fourteen months ago, used to have 30,000 business customers, of whom only 5,626 agreed to carry on with the new owner.

‘About 30,000 legal entities used the services of Bank Severnaya Kazna. Some 22,000 of them were active, that is, they performed at least one transaction a month. 5,626 business customers moved to Alfa-Bank by December 31, 2009, with over 1.556 billion RUR in their accounts. Ninety-four business customers opened a deposit in our bank,’ Alfa-Bank’s Regional Business Customer Development Director Mikhail Povaliy said in the course of an online conference broadcast via Alfa-Bank’s official website.

Yekaterinburg-based Bank Severnaya Kazna found itself on the brink of bankruptcy late in 2008 and had to undergo a financial recovery procedure. The procedure was carried out by Alfa-Bank and Deposit Insurance Agency.

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