Drug dealers detained in Fan Fan Mall

15 February 2010 (09:37)

A twenty-five-year-old woman was detained by the police in Fan Fan shopping mall in Yekaterinburg on Thursday. The woman, who is a Russian subject, had fifty grams of heroin on her, says Head of Sverdlovsk Region Administration of the Federal Drug Turnover Control Service’s Information and PR Group Elena Issayeva.

The detainee claimed that a thirty-year-old woman had sold the drugs to her. This person was also detained in the mall.

Later on, the police officers inspected the suspected dealer’s apartment in Yasnaya St. and found and confiscated nine packages and two plastic containers full of heroin in the built-in wardrobe, five packets in the TV stand, and three packets in the cigarette pack. The hoardings totaled to over 470 grams of heroin altogether and are believed to belong to the alleged dealer. Also, the bodily search of the detainee resulted in finding a 3.5-gram packet of heroin in her underwear.

Besides, the police officers found 66,000 RUR in cash in the detainee’s apartment. All in all, 500 grams of heroin were confiscated.

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