customer reports online problem

5 February 2010 (10:08)

A customer of was faced with a number of problems when trying to open and then to close a deposit through the bank’s e-system. The incident was described on one of Yekaterinburg’s popular forums.
To start with, the bank took a very long time considering the customer’s application. In fact, it took the bank a week instead of the declared two days.

Closing the deposit when its term expired was also a problem. The customer reports the bank was to have closed the deposit and to have paid the interest on February 2, 2010. However, this never happened. On February 3, 2010, the customer followed the bank consultant’s advice and tried to close the deposit himself. As a result, his money was transferred into a Visa account and the interest was paid on the demand deposit terms which are extremely disadvantageous. What is more, the customer found out that the agreement had been backdated and was only signed on November 30, 2009.

Nevertheless, this was not all.

‘When you try to open a deposit, the e-bank asks you to select an account from which the money will be transferred. The list actually contains a demand account from which no money can be transferred onto a deposit. How on earth was I supposed to know this, if this account type was on the list? My three applications were returned with no coherent explanations. Only after I’d sent some screenshots to did they call me back, listened to my explanations, and said I couldn’t do such things,’ the unhappy customer reports.

He says he’s tried to get in touch with’s online experts many times, but there was nothing they could do to help him.

‘Your online experts are good for nothing. Not a single question was solved either online or over the phone. They suggest that I should call them back, send a screenshot to their e-mail address or even come to the office in person. Never mind the fact that I live within 300 km of Yekaterinburg,’ says the customer to’s management.

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