UBRD launches Business Rhythm deposit

27 January 2009 (09:20)

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development recently launched a new, special deposit type known as Business Rhythm, the bank’s press officer reports.

The beauty of the new deposit offer lies in the bank’s readiness to let the customer take the money back before the end of the deposit period; what is more, even if a customer wants to cash the deposit early, the interest rates will still look very appealing, which makes managing one’s finances more flexible and more profitable.

The deposit period comes to anything between 100 and 367 days. In case a customer chooses to open a deposit for the maximum period of 367 days, the annual interest rate is determined at 14.5%. And if this customer decides to get their money back before the due date, the interest rate will come to 10% a year within 130 days of the opening date.

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