Subaru’s new makes come to Yekaterinburg in two months

4 February 2010 (12:03)

‘We have been witnessing some revival of Yekaterinburg car market lately. For one, customers are once again interested in expensive makes. Subaru has just come up with a new and quite high-priced model that is already so popular that we have a shortage. Our customers find themselves having to wait for two or three months before these popular makes arrive,’ Head of OOO Subaru Center Yekaterinburg Yug’s Sales Department Sergey Mankevitch told UrBC.

OOO Subaru Center Yekaterinburg Yug is Subaru’s official dealer in Yekaterinburg.

‘Making plans and coming up with forecasts for this year’s automobile shipments is quite useless at the moment. The market is totally unpredictable just now. The demand dropped by about 30% to 40% in 2009 due to both the recession and the cars growing more costly. So I don’t feel confident enough about making any predictions as of yet,’ Mankevitch added.

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