Subaru Motor clashes with customer

15 January 2010 (15:31)

Subaru Motors LLC’s Yekaterinburg dealer still hasn’t come to full understanding with Evgeniy Rossol.

‘I have signed an agreement with the company’s management, and the terms suit me okay. As for the actual implementation of these terms, everything will become clear on February 1, 2010. So far, things are still pending,’ Rossol said to UrBC.

The Yekaterinburg dweller bought a Subaru Forester at Subaru Yekaterinburg Nikko Motors show room on September 30, 2008. He then placed a billboard next to the show room entrance that listed all the shortcomings of this car and all the problems he’d had with it. The billboard said the engine had to be replaced through warranty twice over one year; after 15,000 km traveled, the back shock-absorbers also had to be replaced, and after 23,000 km traveled, the rear-axle differential got broken. As a result, Rossol’s car spent 40 days out of 365 at a mechanic’s.

The driver demanded a new automobile. UrBC kept an eye on the process from the start. After the media got involved, Subaru Motors LLC representatives started negotiating with Evgeniy Rossol.

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