Energy executive suspected of bribe-taking

3 February 2010 (12:11)

A verdict of ‘guilty’ was pronounced upon the head of TOO AstanaEnergoPromStroy & Co Adkham Mirsogatov, who is believed to allow the completion of the building and assembly jobs at the fourth power-generating unit of Beloyarskaya nuclear plant in Sverdlovsk Region without a license, the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities reports.

Zarechniy district court considered the evidence provided by the public prosecutor from Beloyarskiy district’s prosecution department and decided that Adkham Mirsogatov, who was the General Director of AstanaEnergoPromStroy & Co, really did fail to procure the necessary licenses from Rostechnadzor and Rosstroy of the Russian Federation (the state technological & nuclear safety and construction watchdogs).

In the course of his business activity, Mirsogatov made over 200 million RUR in terms of profit. His actions were classed as illegal enterprise resulting in large-scale profit-making in accordance with Article 171 (part 2, paragraph b) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code.

‘The court took into account some mitigating circumstances, namely, the facts that Mirsogatov, who has no prior conviction record, pleaded guilty to the charge, that he proved a good man in certain respects, and that he has several pre-teen children to provide for,’ it is reported.

This criminal case was considered by the court through a special decision-making procedure. The court sentenced the offender to 300,000-ruble fine. This sentence has already come into effect.

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