DHL is to blame for lack of passenger tickets, Vedernikov claims

‘DHL, the express delivery service, failed to bring a batch of personal passenger tickets meant for use in public transport to Yekaterinburg on time,’ Yekaterinburg council’s press service announced, referring to the claims made by the General Director of Information Network Pavel Vedernikov.

‘We’ve designed a schedule for transferring these Ye-Cards to the electronic ticket retail outlets. On Monday, January 11, over 7,000 cards were to have been transferred from Moscow to Yekaterinburg by DHL. The cards were to have arrived to our I-Set office by 10:30 AM on Tuesday. However, DHL sent me a letter saying that these personal cards would only arrive on January 13, even though this cargo had a priority delivery status. It’s Wednesday afternoon now, and we still haven’t received the cards. I-Set has been using this service for a long time, but this is the first time DHL has let us down,’ Vedernikov observed.

‘These personal tickets will be valid on January 13-21, 2010. As we still haven’t got the cards, some people receiving social welfare benefits won’t be able to get them on time. Nevertheless, I-Set intends to do its best to deliver the delayed cards to their users, possibly by delivering them at people’s home addresses. I apologize to all those who won’t get the tickets on the day indicated in our invitations,’ he said.

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