SKB-Bank’s customers grow active

Russian people no longer fear taking loans and have been applying for them more and more often, SKB-Bank’s press officer refers to Profi Online Research analysts as saying.

The analysts did a survey on consumers based in large Russian cities and came to the conclusion that the demand for loans has gone up by over 7% since the beginning of the year. For one, some 77% of respondents said they would like to borrow money from a bank in the first quarter of 2009; in the third quarter, the number of such respondents rose to 85%.

‘The economic situation is growing more stable, so Russians are feeling increasingly confident about the future. This is why they are starting to take out bank loans more often. As far as consumer loans are concerned, money is borrowed for some urgent expenses as well as for holidays, repairs, medical treatment, tuition fees, and New Year presents. Our bank is willing to lend its customers money for any purpose. Every client can choose something suitable within our product range. We don’t impose any upper loan limit, whereas our interest rates are some of the market’s lowest,’ says SKB-Bank’s Deputy Consumer Loans Director Elena Konontseva.

According to Profi Online Research survey findings, the number of respondents willing to spend the loan money on car overhaul has gone up by 15% over the last twelve months. Also, the numbers of respondents who’d like to borrow money for apartment remodeling, buying household appliances, and acquiring some real estate have increased by 12% each. What is more, the number of people who are ready to take out a loan to pay for their holiday and entertainment is up 8% compared to January 2009. The number of respondents who want to borrow money for urgent expenses has risen by 8% as well.

As a matter of fact, SKB-Bank has actually been lending more lately. One consumer loan is offered to a customer in SKB-Bank’s offices throughout Russia every minute. People based in various Russian Regions apply for the loan in person, on the phone, or by e-mail. In fact, SKB-Bank is currently the mid-Urals’ top lending bank.

Profi Online Research reports their interactive survey involved 1,000 consumers located in Russian cities with the population of over 500,000 people. The agency analysts looked into the changes in respondents’ attitudes to foods, non-food items, and services.

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