Investtorgstroy to contest FAS ruling

21 December 2009 (13:57)

‘The Arbitration Court is now processing the protest placed by Investtorgstroy against the 40,000- ruble fine we imposed on the company for improper advert (containing the word ‘Crikey’) of their new block of apartment buildings called Zelenaya Roscha,’ the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service said to UrBC.

The FAS’s regional division stated on August 11, 2009 that the advertisement of a newly built living quarter in Yekaterinburg was improper because of the slang word (‘Crikey’) it contained. The use of slang is actually forbidden by Article 5 (part 6) of the Federal Advertising Act.

The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service determined that Investtorgstroy signed several agreements with ad agencies between January 3, 2009 and April 30, 2009. According to these contracts, Advertising Services Center, Gallery Service, Kompaniya Raduga, and Nedvizhimost had to advertise Zelenaya Roscha through the media and outdoor advertising devices in Yekaterinburg. The ads said, ‘Crikey! Prices start from 61,000 RUR per sq m in Kvartal Zelenaya Roscha. Sheinkman St.-Narodnaya Volya St. Real estate for businesses. 73 Malyshev St. Society. Kvartal Zelenaya Roscha (1-9) Housing Construction Cooperative.’

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