UIC-Bank to be co-defendant

20 November 2009 (13:41)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court has recently started to process the claim laid by Mikhail Maksimov against Leonid Itskov and Uralincombank Ural Innovational Commercial Bank (UIC-Bank) regarding the plaintiff’s right to a shareholding in the bank’s authorized capital.

The preliminary court hearing needed to understand all the circumstances essential to handling the claim and getting evidence and proof is to take place on Thursday.

The whole thing began in July 2009 when the bank got many new owners. According to the company’s official website July listings, Leonid Itskov owned 7.52% of UIC-Bank’s shares at that moment.

UIC-Bank hasn’t been able to explain why the plaintiff took legal action or to provide comments on the case.

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