Media Markt should sue management company, insurer claims

15 December 2009 (11:24)

‘When the management company of Alatyr mall failed the midnight opening of Media Markt’s new store in Yekaterinburg it made it clear to everyone that the company does not care about the customers at all. The management company’s negligence and lack of professionalism are quite obvious to me. I feel if anything like this is about to happen, the organizers must do their best to inform the public about the cancellation and to try and minimize their dissatisfaction by compensating the potential customers somehow,’ President of Territoria (Association of Regional Medical Insurers) Maxim Starodubtsev said to UrBC.

The night-time opening ceremony of MediaMarkt failed in Alatyr Shopping Center in Yekaterinburg. Despite all the claims made by the opening coordinators, the store never started working at 12 AM on December 10, 2009. TEN-Development Management Company has already declared they alone were fully responsible for what had happened. The company’s head Sergey Trofimov explained to UrBC reporters that they decided to back out of the night-time, large-scale opening ceremony upon the recommendation of the city authorities.

‘The decision taken by the management company makes one wonder whether the shopping mall can operate successfully in the future. It’s obvious that the incident has created some obstacles to the running of the store, so Media Markt, the tenant, has all the grounds to sue the management company,’ Starodubtsev declared.

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