UC RUSAL to reduce output at smelters

14 December 2009 (10:32)

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin held a meeting with UC RUSAL BOD Chairman and Chairman of Renova Group’s Supervisory Board and BOD Viktor Vekselberg.

Vekselberg told the Governor about how their Sverdlovsk Region-based aluminum-producing and nonferrous metal-processing enterprises were coping. The two executives also spoke about the measures taken to solve the companies’ problems.

All in all, six of UC RUSAL’s enterprises, namely, Sevuralboksitruda, Bogoslovskiy smelter, Ural smelter, Ural Foil, Polevskoy cryolith plant, and SUAL-Kremniy-Ural, have found it hard to go on during a recession. UC RUSAL admits that low aluminum prices offered on the global market have forced the company to reduce the product output of its Bogoslovskiy and Ural smelters. At the meeting, Alexander Misharin said he was worried about the smelters’ employees, while Viktor Vekselberg assured the Governor RUSAL would do its best to involve these workers in employment projects in Sverdlovsk Region.

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