Governor Misharin: RUSAL under-invests in Bogoslovsky smelter

2 December 2011 (09:21)

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev suggested that the modernization committee should look into all the issues related to the development of Sverdlovsk Region’s aluminum-producing facilities soon. Until this committee meets, no electrolysis production facilities will be shut down at UC RUSAL’s Bogoslovsky smelter (the liquidation was announced by RUSAL a while ago).

Such was the news that the region’s Governor Alexander Misharin voiced at a meeting with Krasnoturyinsk locals and plant workers on December 1.

‘We have the President’s decision to have the region’s entire aluminum production system looked into by the modernization committee in order to attract investments and develop the facilities. We have come to an agreement that the deadline for shutting down the equipment will therefore be postponed until after the committee meets,’ Misharin said.

The official observed that the regional authorities would not let Bogoslovsky smelter’s facilities be shut down, as the plant is actually an important link in Sverdlovsk Region’s aluminum production chain.

‘If Bogoslovsky smelter fails to produce primary aluminum, this will lead to problems at Ural smelter, and if there are problems at Ural smelter, Kamensk-Uralsky smelter will follow suit. We won’t let this chain be destroyed,’ the Governor said.

According to Misharin, RUSAL definitely under-invested in Bogoslovsky smelter, only about 69m RUR was actually invested, whereas Kamensk-Uralsky smelter’s upgrades program, for example, provides for 24bn RUR worth of investments.

Besides, there are other problems to be solved at the smelter in addition to lack of investments; for one, the plant’s power station needs to be upgraded.

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