Nissan Motor Rus warns customers

2 December 2009 (15:44)

Nissan Motor Rus warned the owners of Nissan X-Trail automobiles living in Sverdlovsk Region that some elements of the steering gear and the fuel system of the cars might not have been assembled properly.

‘Nissan experts said some of these vehicles had to be inspected. Since the steering gear and the fuel system are the vital parts of a car that impact the driver’s safety directly, it is essential to make sure as soon as possible that nothing prevents them from operating normally,’ the letter sent to some of Nissan X-Trail owners and signed by Nissan Motor Rus After-Sale Services Director says.

The company asked the car owners to contact any of Nissan’s official dealers and make an appointment to have the car inspected and repaired if necessary.

Nissan Motor Rus insists that a dealer must be contracted immediately in case the driver detects some strange noises or other signs of steering gear malfunction.

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