Karabash authorities report on performance

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin met his special representative in the town of Karabash Vyacheslav Yagodinets.

According to the spokesperson for the Governor, Vyacheslav Yagodinets made a report on the results of his performance in the capacity of a special representative. He explained that he had been cooperating closely with the acting Mayor Tatiana Pankratova in such areas as getting ready for the winter, upgrading the public housing services sector, and supporting the social infrastructure.

The official asked Petr Sumin to help introduce street lamps on the main streets and next to the most important buildings in Karabash. Yagodinets said 130,000 RUR had been allocated from the town budget, but this was not enough to complete the whole project. The Governor agreed to provide the town with 950,000 RUR of the regional budget’s money to install lamps in Solomatin St., Gagarin St., and Lenin St. and in the areas around the two secondary schools and a medical facility. Yagodinets then assured the Governor that everything would have been completed by mid-December 2009.

Governor Sumin spoke very highly of the efforts made by his representative to bring the local authorities and the public closer together in order to maintain socioeconomic stability in Karabash. Then, he asked his First Deputy Vladimir Dyatlov to look into the ways of helping the town keep on installing the natural gas supply system and complete the construction of an eighty-apartment housing block (meant for the relocation of people currently housed in slums).

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