Governor Sumin gets ready for heating season

6 July 2009 (10:29)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin approved of the set of measures meant for preparing the region’s utilities and power supply facilities for the upcoming heating season, the spokesperson for the Governor reports. According to the existing plan, heads of local municipalities must place their heating period reports with the Ministry for Construction, Infrastructure, and Roads before September 15, 2009. The reports must contain the schedule of all the washing-out operations, hydraulic pressure testing, and repairs of the heating network as well as suggestions as to creating coal, liquid fuel and natural gas reserves for the energy complex and the public boilers.

In addition, the local mayors must draw up a debt-payoff schedule to make sure the towns’ debts to the heat and power suppliers are paid off before September 1, 2009.

Sumin also asked the officials to pay special attention to the towns of Karabash and Ust-Katav, where the heating networks are reported to be in a rather deplorable state. What is more, Ust-Katav still hasn’t launched its twenty-megawatt boiling house. The Ministry for Construction, Infrastructure, and Roads was requested to keep an eye on the mayors of Karabash and Ust-Katav Mussa Dzugayev and Alexander Khuramov and on their preparations for the heating season 2009/2010.

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