RU-CENTER turns down Talisman

27 November 2009 (11:21)

RU-CENTER turned down the request of Talisman, the Urals-based language school chain, for a Russian language-based domain despite the fact that Talisman is a registered trademark belonging to the applicant.

The domain center claims the language school’s application can’t be accepted because the registered domain name must reproduce the trademark in Cyrillic alphabet very precisely, symbol for symbol.

‘The fact that we haven’ been allowed to register a Cyrillic domain was not a real blow to the company’s management. We only wanted to use the domain талисман.рф as a second web address mirroring our official website. We are not going to take part in an auction to buy some рф domain, as it makes no commercial sense,’ says Talisman Director Natalya Sorokina.

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