Local mobile operator Utel (aka UralSvyazInfrom) loses special domain name in MOBI public domain

Utel (aka UralSvyazInfrom), the local telecommunications provider, lost the special domain name it had in MOBI, the public domain designed for mobile phones and wireless devices.

The domain (UTEL MOBI) was registered on behalf of the company by OK SUN of Seoul, Korea, on October 9, 2006. OK SUN is now the official proprietor of the name.

The registration with MOBI domain started on May 22, 2006; the domain hosts mobile-viewing-friendly sites, that is, small-formatted ones suitable for downloading via a low-speed channel. MOBI is strongly supported by mobile phone makers and mobile operators.

The priority registration period lasted from May 22 to May 29, 2006. The owners of registered trademarks were eligible to register from June 12 to August 21, 2006. Starting September 14, the registration was open to everyone.

All this means that UralSvyazInfrom missed the opportunity of registering its trademark Utel with MOBI (predicted to become the mobile world’s main domain).

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