MRSK Urala’s net profit drops 25.5%

The network electricity supplier announced the results of its performance in 2008; the report was compiled in accordance with the International Accounting Standards.

According to this report, the company’s revenues came to 41,593.4 million RUR in 2008, which was 9.4% better than in 2007. The expenses amounted to 40,239.8 million RUR last year, which was 13.1% more than in 2007.

MRSK Urala made 1,356.2 million RUR in terms of sales profit in 2008. This figure was actually 44.8% lower than the one reached in 2007. The company’s profitability index in this respect was thus registered at 3.3%. The supplier’s pre-tax profit reached 839.5 million RUR last year, which was 63.3% less than in 2007.

Finally, the company’s net profit was estimated at 1,003.7 million RUR in 2008, which was 44.8% less than in 207, while its net profit profitability index came to 2.4%.

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