Governor Misharin promises to fight gloom

18 November 2009 (10:13)

‘I promise to do my best to make sure the socioeconomic situation improves in Sverdlovsk Region and so in Russia in general. We’ll make every effort to fight the crisis as soon as possible, and, in fact, I have already devised an action plan for this,’ the new Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin says.

‘Firstly, to improve the situation we need to focus on the local problem companies such as Baranchinskiy electromechanical plant and some others. Secondly, it’s essential to adopt a consolidated budget that will cover all the social projects, including healthcare, education, and public housing services as well as social benefits for war veterans and retirees,’ Misharin notes.

The new Governor also spoke rather favorably of the newly founded Ural Federal University.

‘In my view, this is a great project that will help to improve the quality of regional education and scientific research and make them much more prestigious,’ he observes.

Finally, Alexander Misharin refers to the leaving Governor Eduard Rossel’s achievements.

‘Eduard Rossel definitely developed plenty of useful projects. All the efficient projects will be kept up with, but some of them will have to be improved upon. Nevertheless, we’ll probably stay true to his basic principles in terms of social stability measures, economic upgrade planning, and actions aimed at improving the dwellers’ standard of living and the quality of their education,’ he says.

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