VUZ-Bank charged with counterfeiting

A Yekaterinburg dweller claims VUZ-Bank gave her a counterfeited banknote, a number of Sverdlovsk Region-based TV compnies report.

Galina Perevalova insists a fake bill was found among the banknotes she received upon closing her bank deposit. The problem was detected in another bank where she took the money in order to open a new deposit.

VUZ-Bank (Life Group’s asset) representative deny any possibility of having given a customer a fake banknote and explain all their cash undergoes several security check stages.

The officers of Yekaterinburg’s Chkalovskiy District Economic Offense Department have already examined the bill and declared it really was a counterfeited one. They say the cashier might have overlooked a fake note because the sum of about 700,000 RUR was being given to the customer, so there may not have been enough time to check all the banknotes properly.

Nevertheless, the officers are considering filing a criminal lawsuit against the bank, with charges based on Article 186 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code. VUZ-Bank will also have to undergo a special inquiry.

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